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Good News

During a time where it seems like all there is to hear is bad news, we are craving something good! In the ancient world, during a time of only bad news, the Gospel of Mark bursts onto the scene with a breathless pace accounting of the Savior the world was and is longing for. From the announcement of a strange prophet, to the calling of unlikely heroes, to the clash of kingdoms and earthly powers, Mark wants us to know that Jesus has opened the door to God’s Kingdom for every person who would trust in His name. Jesus is, and this is, the good news!

Together, to start 2022, we will carefully journey through the action-packed story of Jesus to discover our place today in this story of good news that has the power to change my everyday life.

January 2 – The Announcement of Good News
January 9 – News of the New Beginnings
January 16 – Stand Alone Message
January 23 – Call of Fishermen & Tax Collectors/Forming the Twelve
January 30 – Jesus’ Declaration and Demonstration of Divine Power
February 6 – Controversial Christ
February 13 – Mis-Labeled Jesus
February 20 – Familiar Pictures of a Future Kingdom
February 27 – Power of God
March 6 – The Deliverer
March 13 – Jesus Christ: Superstar
March 20 – Testing of Sex, Money, and Power
March 27 – A Clash of Kingdoms
April 3 – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It
April 10 (Palm Sunday) – Bad News That’s Good News
April 17 (Easter) – The Arrival of Good News

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