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In this series, each communicator shares a meaningful song or hymn and why it resonates with them. From timeless classics to contemporary anthems, we'll explore the stories behind the songs and how they encourage our faith. Join us as we let the music of our faith uplift and inspire us each week.

July 7 - Cape: Taylor Brown, Central: Larry Frank, Shores: Shari Lacey
July 14 - Cape: Taylor Foley, Central: Shari Lacey, Shores: Larry Frank
July 21 - Cape: Larry Frank, Central: Kip Martin, Shores: In-House
July 28 - Cape: Casey Culbreth, Central: Taylor Brown, Shores: Kip Martin


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Welcome to "The Cutting Room Floor," a podcast where we dive deeper into the insights and ideas that didn't make it into Sunday's sermon. Join us each week as we explore fascinating theological concepts and thought-provoking discussions that expand on the weekend's message.

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