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Vision, Values, & Strategy

About Us

Grace Church is a dynamic multi-site Church with 3 campuses in SWFL.

Our Vision

Since 1996, this vision has guided Grace Church: 

To partner with God in transforming people to fully devoted disciples of Jesus to the glory of God.

Key Implications

Our vision leads to 4 key implications:

Our Partnership

To partner with God... Jesus came to Earth to reveal God to us, to be “God with skin on.” Now we partner with God to be “Jesus with skin on” to others. Throughout history, God has chosen to work through His people. It is a joint venture where we follow God and work with God to help people experience God’s grace and salvation.

Our Product

Transforming people... Our focus is transforming lives. We partner with God to take people from where they are into who God created them to be. Taking broken lives and transforming them into a new creation that is growing toward healing and wholeness.

Our Process

From unbelievers to fully devoted disciples of Jesus... Some who come to the church do not know God. Others come with a relationship with God. No matter where they are in their walk with God there is always room to grow. It is an ongoing growing process toward becoming a fully devoted disciple. What is a fully devoted disciple? A fully devoted disciple is a person who has taken up their cross and follows Jesus...every part of their lives fully devoted to following Jesus.

Our Promise

Giving the glory to God... Even though we get to play a part in God’s work, He does the life changing and therefore, He deserves all the credit. This is our promise and pledge!

Our Values

We have 3 core values at Grace Church. These are our non-negotiables:

We are unashamedly God-centered.
In everything we do and say, we glorify the Three-in-One God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We are passionately people-focused.
All people, regardless of their spiritual condition, matter to God and to us.

We are strategically team-based.
Ministry is best accomplished by teams of people with diverse gifts and abilities, who are bound together by common purpose and covenants of trust.

Our Strategy

Over the years, our leaders have identified four key stages in the journey to becoming a fully devoted disciple. These 4 stages form our strategy:


Ministries that engage and invite unchurched people in our community to experience the love of Jesus through the body of Christ.


Ministries that help people connect to Jesus and the Grace Church family.


Ministries that help people have a growing and transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.


Ministries that release God’s people to make the realities of heaven the realities of earth.