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Important Changes to Online Giving

Thank you for your continued support of Grace Church! We wanted to let you know of some important changes to our Online Giving platform. In an effort to be better stewards of your online contributions, we have changed our online and recurring giving provider. Our old system will be turned off on July 1, 2024 and any recurring contributions will stop. In order to facilitate this change without disrupting your support, we ask you to consider the following steps if you have a recurring contribution to Grace Church:

Set up your recurring contribution in the new system.

Click the button below and set up your recurring gift by following the initial setup directions.


Cancel your recurring contribution in the old system.

You're almost done! Login with the button below, then click on "Manage" to view your giving. Click the red X next to your recurring gift to cancel it.

Cancel Old Gift


Have questions or need more help?

Call the church office at 239-574-7161 or email us at .

Your giving matters.

It's amazing to see God's creativity, love, and generosity on full display each and every day. Our church family generously give their time, talent, and treasures to Grace Church, and we invite you to join us in our mission of transforming people to fully devoted disciples of Jesus to the glory of God!


Text an amount to 84321 to get started.

When you give by text for the first time, you will fill out a simple one-time form with your debit or credit card information. From then on, you simply need to text the amount of your gift and that's all! It's fast, secure, and links to your debit card or credit card account, not to your phone bill. The system also allows you to set up or modify a recurring gift.

Campus Instructions

Simply text your gift amount to 84321.

Text your gift amount to 84321 followed by the keyword Shores. ($100 Shores)

Text your gift amount to 84321 followed by the keyword Central. ($100 Central)

Other ways to give

In Person

You can give in person at any campus during the weekend worship services.


Mail a gift to your campus office.


Gifts of appreciated stocks, real-estate, or other assets provide advantages for both Grace Church and the donor in the form of charitable donations and other tax credits. Contact our Finance Department at (239) 574-7161 x230.

New to Giving?

We want to support you in this journey of growing your generosity and becoming more like Jesus in the process! When you sign up for the 90 Day Giving Challenge, we'll send encouraging messages to you periodically over the next 90 days. We'll also send you a small gift to help you grow in your generosity. We can't wait to join you in this journey!

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Giving FAQs

Why We Give

42% of Jesus’ parables are about money and possessions. Why? Because we have been created by a generous God who desires for His children to be generous in the world. God knows that there is freedom and blessing when we are generous with money and the things money buys.

What is a Tithe?

A tithe simply means a tenth and it is the baseline at which God asks for us to give back to Him what He has first given us. For some 10% may be too difficult at this time, or maybe God is nudging you to jump all in when it comes to generosity. Regardless, we encourage you to pray and ask God where you might start on the generosity journey. Maybe it is consistently giving 2% percent of your monthly income. Maybe it’s 5%. Or maybe it is the whole tithe. Regardless, we want to support you in this journey of growing your generosity and becoming more like Jesus in the process!

Give Securely

Whether you’d like to give a single gift, schedule recurring donations, or view your giving history, you can do it all online. It’s quick, easy, and secure. Our giving provider maintains full Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance via the SecurityMetrics PCI Certification Program, which means your data is rigorously protected through the industry's strictest equipment safeguards and security protocols. That means you can give with confidence!

Legacy Giving

Legacy giving is a way to make a lasting difference in the life and vitality of the ministries of Grace Church. This expression of generosity will ensure that this church continues to be a place in which people can find hope and healing and experience the love of Jesus long into the future. Legacy gifts are planned during the donor’s lifetime but not received by the organization until the donor’s passing. If you are interested in discussing the possibilities of a Legacy Gift, please contact Carol Musselman, Director of Finance or Taylor Foley, Executive Pastor at (239) 574-7161.

Old Giving Account & Help

Our old giving platform will be deactivated on July 1, 2024. View your past giving in the OLD system, download your giving statements, or cancel a recurring gift by logging in.

Old Giving Login

For additional help with online or text giving, email .

New Giving Account & Help

Our new giving platform is active now. View and download your giving statements, update billing information, create/modify a recurring gift, or view you past giving by logging in.

New Giving Login

For additional help with online or text giving, email .