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Grace Church financially supports our local and global Send Partners in their cross cultural work by giving an offering “above and beyond” our tithe, or regular giving. We can estimate our giving for the coming year by trusting God in several ways. We invite you to prayerfully consider one or a combination of these ways to generously support our partners around the corner and around the world.

Ways to Give


Look at your expected income and set aside an amount to give in support of our Send Partners.


Redirect some of your income, maybe by eating out less or cutting down on other spending, and give it in support of our Send Partners.

Faith Promise

Pray and trust God for an amount of money, and trust that God will supernaturally provide through an unexpected blessing, rebate check, bonus, or other means.

Make a Missions Giving Commitment

Filling out the form below will help our church better serve our local and global SEND Partners.

Missions Giving

In dependence upon God, I/we covenant to give toward the local & global outreach of Grace Church. I/we have faith that the Lord will provide the amount indicated per month for the next 12 months. This giving will be in addition to my regular church giving.


(Remember, this commitment is between you and God. There is no place for your name.)

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