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Growth and Personal Development

Location | Cape Coral FL 33990

Frequency | Monthly

Led by: Joel Gannon

We are all given gifts and talents by our Creator. The Growth and Personal Development group will focus on growth, personal development and leadership development which will help in the home, in the church, in your business or work and in your community. More specifically, we will examine Christian Servant Leadership and how to apply it to our gift.

The group is lead by Joel Gannon, who is certified as a Coach, Teacher and Trainer by Maxwell Leadership, Dr. John C. Maxwell's organization. John is recognized as one of the top leadership experts in the world. We will use many principles which John teaches as well as other Biblical, historical and personal leadership material.

This group will meet monthly in the Gannon home with a date and time to be determined. Contact Joel Gannon for more information at (248) 872-7167.

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