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A Faith Promise is a financial commitment to missions based upon the conviction that God wants you to give that amount to missions; an amount not necessarily dependent upon known or anticipated resources. This act of giving by faith is based not on what you can give by your own ability, but on what you will trust God to give through you! Faith Promise giving is scriptural. 2 Corinthians 8-9 tells us about this. Paul wrote, "Going to the limit of their resources...and even beyond the limit, they begged to be allowed to share." The only way to give beyond their resources was for God to provide in unexpected ways.

A Faith Promise is...

  1. Between you and God and is not a pledge to the church.
  2. Over and above your regular giving to support your church.
  3. Beyond what you can see. You trust God to supply it and give it when He does.

Therefore pray, "Lord, what do you want to give through me?" Then give as God provides. This is a great adventure of faith, and God will honor Himself as you make the promise.

Make a Faith Promise Commitment

Faith Promise Commitment

In dependence upon God, I/we covenant to give toward the missionary outreach of Grace Church. I/we have faith that the Lord will provide the amount indicated per month for the next 12 months. As the Lord provides the money, I/we promise to give it for the Mission Outreach of Grace Church. This Faith Promise giving will be according to God's blessing and in addition to my regular church giving.

Remember, this commitment is between you and God. There is no field for your name.

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"Yesterday being the 29th, I prayed, "OK God! It's the end of the month and still no Faith Promise monies have shown up! We trust if it's Your will that provisions will be made... Guess You're gonna show off again!" Today, April 30th, a check showed up in the mail. It was for well above our faith promise, meeting another need that we had been praying for. Craziest part was that the money came from an agreement between our (former) mortgage lender and banking regulators regarding the foreclosure on our home a couple of years ago. We were unaware that this was being done or that we were eligible for any monies, but God had perfect timing once again!"

“Hello there!  God has such a great sense of is how He provided my recent faith promise fulfillment....I received a refund for overpayment from State Farm for my homeowners insurance.....they said I paid too much!  (don't we all??) can't wait to see what clever way He provides next!”

"Hello! I have a great Faith Promise God story. I began praying for the faith promise prayer like you mentioned, and that same week I had an appt. with a new dentist for a filling. He was recommended to me by someone at work, as he attends the church with the school where I teach.  So I go and he takes care of the filling, and it was absolutely no charge because I worked at the school.....(surprise! :) Immediately I thought, hello faith promise installment #1. God is so great!”

“The instructions were simple enough. Fill in your faith promise and put it in the offering.  Done. Wes asked for the faith offering to be brought to the alter as a sign of commitment. Done. However, with the second invitation I was impressed to make the same promise for the second time, doubling my promise. Received check in mail for that promise. We receive according to what we sow and then some. Praise God from whom all blessings come.”

“I had turned in my faith promise for missions last Sunday.  After that I signed up for my early retirement (Social Security) on line but had to take over a certified copy of my birth certificate to the Social Security office.  When they told me what my monthly retirement check would be, it was more than what I thought I would be drawing monthly - $5.00 less than my faith promise!  I am sure God will come up with the other $5.00 or maybe he wants me to give up a cup of Starbuck's coffee for that amount.  WOW!” 

"Last Sunday I decided I could afford $500. The gentle voice said $1000. I said really? The gentle voice said $1000. I said alright and wrote $1000. Later that afternoon I was gifted $2000! Proving once again if we are faithful and obey – God is faithful!"

"I put an amount that my family would allow God to give through us-and received an unexpected blessing yesterday which covers it! God is AT WORK HERE!"

"My husband told me Sunday night that he started a "Faith Promise Cup". He purchased something at the store for someone and was totally not expecting to get reimbursed. When he was handed the $20, he immediately thought "I wasn't expecting this". He can home and started his "Faith Promise cup" (he's putting the money in a cup). This is only a small amount of what he pledged. He figures it's going to dribble in. But who knows? When we are faithful in small know!"

"I don't know why I am being asked by God to share this with you because I'm not one to "announce" my giving. I have been fighting depression and anxiety all year, so I haven't made it to church in weeks. I do, however, watch faithfully online. I have been listening to Pastor Wes talk about the mission faith offering and telling his story. Last Sunday I said to God, "OK, I'll give $100" and waited to see what would happen. It didn't take long. Monday morning I called the anesthesiologist office that had sent me a bill for $417.54 and told them that I only had $327.69 left in my medical flex spending account for the year - that I would have to make payments on the rest. She said, "I will take out that amount and write off the rest!" So, I say, "OK God, you now have $89.85 - you need $10.15 more."
About mid-week I found a Publix gift certificate in the amount of $15 in my mailbox at school. I have been saving Wed/Sun coupons for a fellow teacher faithfully for over a year and she wanted to thank me." In today's offering I gave $104.85 to the mission fund... (Along with my regular weekly offering of course!)

"At Ash Wednesday service at Central, during Glory Sightings, someone stood up and declared that he received the exact amount of his Faith Promise in a vey big tip given to him by one of his customers (he's a trades worker.) God is really good!!!"

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