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Each week we have chosen readings from Colossians as well other scriptures that follow along with the themes of our Enough series. This is our goal and hope for our community as we enter this study: That we all may grow in reading and receiving insights from the Bible for ourselves.

It’s one thing to be taught about the Bible by someone else. And there’s a place for that. But it’s something completely different to engage with the Bible yourself. In the process of reading the Bible, you’ll receive personal insights for your life from the Spirit who inspired will discover a first-hand faith as you begin to grow even more in your own relationship with God.

We invite you into this journey of journaling through scripture as we discover how to live out our faith in everyday life. May Jesus meet us here in a special way as we engage with the words of the Bible for ourselves.


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  1. Download the Grace Church App, it’s free! On the app you will find a link to our readings for the Enough: A Study Through Colossians sermon series. You can read the scriptures each day straight from our app. Or, of course, you can use a printed Bible for your reading.
  2. Decide on a realistic amount of time for you to read each day. If that’s 10 minutes, awesome...if it’s 30, great. Whatever works in your life right now.
  3. Find the right time and place that works for you every day. Choose a space that’s comfortable and consider having some water available for yourself. You might light a candle to help set the space apart for this moment with God.
  4. Use the daily journal to keep a record of your thoughts in response to the reading. It’s amazing how much it helps to write things down. This is your place to keep track of the insights that you’re gaining and how God is speaking to you through scripture.
  5. Look over the reading plan below that provides a process of reading, reflecting, and journaling in response to scripture. This is a basic process of how you might read and reflect on scripture. You could follow this process in as little as 10 minutes or as much as 30 minutes. Feel free to mold the process to your own needs however God might lead you.

Basic Reading Plan

Read • Read and Reflect • Receive and Rejoice

Each day as you read through the scriptures, you can follow this basic process:

1.) Rest

  • Take a moment to breathe, get comfortable, and ask the Spirit to speak to you during this time.

2.) Read and Reflect

  • Read the Scripture for the day.
  • Find one word or phrase that “jumps out” to you.
  • Read that word or phrase back to yourself several times.
  • Write down the word or phrase that “jumps out” to you from your reading.
  • Ask yourself, “What might Jesus be saying to me through this word or sentence today?” “What meaning might this have for me in my life?” “Is this scripture inviting me to taking any specific actions in my life?”
  • Journal any insights you may have.

3.) Receive and Rejoice

  • Spend a few moments in quiet, resting in God’s presence.
  • Thank God for this word and ask God to help you carry it with you as you move into other activities.

Connecting the Bible with Your Day

Below are a couple additional practices you might try to connect the insights you’ve gained from your time in the Bible with the rest of your day.

1.) Make your word or phrase into your prayer for the day.

For example, perhaps your word is “peace.” To turn that into a prayer, you could say, “God, reveal your peace to me today.” You could write this prayer down on some paper and take it with you through your day. Keep returning to this prayer as you go about your activities. You can pray silently or out loud, whatever is best in your situation.

2.) Take your phrase or word on a walk outside.

Take a gentle walk and allow the word or phrase to continue to linger in your mind as you walk. Allow yourself to listen for any further meaning the word/phrase might have for you as you walk in nature.

Beginning the Journey

Feel free to engage with these questions as you enter into this study.

1.) What are the thoughts/burdens/struggles that I am currently experiencing in my daily life?

2.) How would I like God to meet me in my daily life during this season?

3.) What changes would I like to see in my daily life during this season?

4.) How is Christ inviting me to engage more deeply in my relationship with Him during this season?

(Some possible examples: Creating space for quiet and reflection with God, sharing my needs and desires with God in prayer, praying for others, starting a rhythm of reading and journaling with the Bible, sharing my life in community with others, joining a small group, seeking out a counselor, attending Choose Recovery, serving others...)