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S.O.A.P.: Seasoned Christ Followers, Dive in Here!

As you mature in your faith and understanding of the Bible, you’ll be ready to stretch yourself with the S.O.A.P. daily Bible reading plan. In this plan, you will read the Old Testament once, and the New Testament twice. As you read, you may find many things that you do not understand. Don’t let these trip you up. Focus on the parts that you do understand. As you become more familiar with the Bible, God will give you more and more insight.



Daily Readings

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Reading Plan Tips

  • Download the Grace Church App, it’s free. On the app you will find a link to all the daily Bible readings. It really is okay to use your smartphone to read the Bible!
  • Put aside about 45 minutes each day to make sure you do not rush.
  • Like you have done with the previous Bible reading plans, as the Holy Spirit to speak to you as your read the scriptures.
  • As you read, circle, underline or highlight those things that intrigue or excite you.
  • In a notebook, smartphone, tablet or computer, use the acrostic S.O.A.P. as you writing guide.

When you finish reading, write or type the following:


Pick one verse from your reading that captured your attention.


Reflect on anything you can observe about this verse within its context.


Explain how this verse touches or applies to your life right now.


Close your time with a simple prayer asking God to help what you learned come alive in you.