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STAFF DIRECTORY                                


* = Part Time Staff

CC = Cape Coral Campus

FMS = Fort Myers Shores Campus

FMC = Fort Myers Central Campus

GCC = Grace Community Center 



Acevedo, Jorge

Lead Pastor, Grace Church

*Brown, Taylor

Director of Middle School Ministries, CC/GCC

*Davis, Sharon

Administrative Assistant, FMC

Dennison, Kim

Small Wonders Teacher, CC

*Doffmeyer, Robin

Director of CR Kidz, CC

*Dolloff, Laurie

Small Wonders Teacher, CC

*Elliott, Judy

Administration and Finance Assistant, CC

Evans, Heather

Director of Age Level Ministries

Foley, Taylor

Director of Youth Ministries, CC

*Fundora, Alisa

Grace Good Day Assistant, CC

*Fulks, Kelley

Administrative Assistant, CC

George, Beth

Administrative Assistant, CC

*Glenn, Tina

Administrative Assistant, FMS

*Gregory, Samantha

Small Wonders Teacher Assistant, CC

Griffin, Kevin

Pastor of Connect & Form Ministries, CC/GCC

Hilbert-Patricio, Stacey

Small Wonders Teacher, CC

Hopkins, Joseph

GCC Thrift Store Back Room Manager

Hopkins, Thomas

Communications Coordinator, Webmaster, Videographer

*Jackimouicz, Ed

Facilities/Maintenance CC/GCC

Jackson, Arlene

Pastor Fort Myers Central Campus

Johnson, Corey

Worship Leader, CC

*Jones, Cindy

Pastor (Care Ministries), Grace Church

Kasarda, Elaine

Administrative Assistant to the Lead Pastor, CC

*Kerr, Kourtney

Small Wonders Assistant, CC

*Knight, Stacy

Elementary Children’s Director, CC

Lacey, Shari

Pastor, Fort Myers Shores Campus

Linder, Donna

Thrift Store Manager, GCC

Mayes, Mike

Facilities/Maintenance, CC/GCC

McMillian, Sarah

Facilities/Maintenance, FMC

Mulkey, Greg

Director of Recovery Ministries, CC/GCC

Musselman, Carol

Director of Operations

Nemazie, Patti

Director of Reach & Send Ministries

Nesta, Charlotte

Director of Finance

Neubert, Marty

Facilities/Maintenance, FMS

Olds, Wes

Pastor, Cape Coral Campus & GCC

*Owen, Laurie

Small Wonders Teacher, CC

*Rodriquez, Donna

Small Wonders Teacher, CC

*Rumbaugh, Michelle

Small Wonders Teacher, CC

*Sanchez, Josh

Sound Engineer | Tech Consultant

*Segal, Julian

Children's Ministry Leader, CC/GCC

*Starner, Nancy

Early Childhood Ministries Director, CC

Strode, Jennifer

Director of Worship Arts, CC

Snyder, Jason

Director of Facilities Maintenance Cape/GCC

*Vogel, Cathy

VPK Assistant, CC